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Internal investigations are conducted when wrongful behavior has occurred, or is suspected, in any company, business and/or agency.

Such behavior can include embezzlement, fraud, theft, unauthorized access or attempt to sell information or sexual harassment.

Internal investigations are focused to uncover the truth and address any illegal or inappropriate behavior. There are many times when it is best that someone on the outside conducts such investigations to assure objectivity and independence.

Components of any investigation include the collection and examination of documents, interviews and possibly forensic experts. They require consultation and coordination with managers of the company and could potentially result in a referral to law enforcement. Extensive experience, including many skills, is necessary to conduct a comprehensive internal investigation.

Kari Brandenburg has been involved in, and led, many investigations throughout her years as an attorney and as District Attorney, managing the largest law firm in the state of New Mexico. Further, she has the legal expertise to thoroughly evaluate all the aspects of an investigation and its repercussions. The goal is to quickly, though deliberately, gather all the relevant information to reach an appropriate resolution.

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